Central engine, lightweight design, outstanding agility, impeccable handling, uncompromising driving pleasure... So far, there is nothing new for Porsche. It is precisely these characteristics that have enabled the 718 RS 60 Spyder roadsters, born in the early 1960s, to make history in motor sport. Heir to the legendary 550 Spyder, he has competed and won many victories. The name Spyder then logically becomes synonymous with an authentic roadster, which perpetuates our fundamental values. Our objective was clear: to develop a two-seater convertible sports car in its pure form. Renounce excessive comfort in favour of sportsmanship. The Boxster Spyder interprets this notion of an authentic roadster with a dynamic design. By a language of forms that traces its own paths. The most obvious example is the manual soft top which replaces the electric soft top. The stern is dominated by 2 impressive bosses. Like two powerful muscles, they visually extend the black roll bars when the soft top is open. More than just a set of lines, the new design also optimizes the car's performance. The result: increased aerodynamics in open-headed driving. Everything in the Boxster Spyder refers to the past, starting with the choice of serial colours. Blanc Carrara, a very pure shade, evokes the history of motor sport. Just like the optional Arctic Grey or the Porsche signature on the sides - a nod to the 1960s and Porsche's glorious past in competition. Another tribute to the past: the fixed fin. Located on the powerful rear hood, it completes the car's dynamic lines. While the effects are aesthetic, they are also tangible: reduced lift and even more direct contact with the road - for unparalleled sensations and extra pleasure. The ultimate joy: the dual black exhaust tailpipe that raises the voice. The front air intakes, accentuated by a titanium-coloured banding, integrate the LED position lights. The spirit is minimalism. The lamellae of the side air inlets are replaced by an open grille. The choice of aluminium doors was unanimous. A 15 kg victory on the scale, it is an eloquent figure. The redesigned side windows accentuate the car's elongated side profile. Parenthesis on passive safety: Equipped with side under-run protection in the doors, roll bars and a complete airbag system, the Boxster Spyder proves that a deliberately purist concept can offer significant safety reserves.