Luxury cars

Mercedes CL cars

The silhouette of a coup√© is usually characterized by two supporting posts between which the roof arch stretches. On the new CL, this distinctive feature is only one of several equally striking stylistic elements. Everything, in its lines, is an…

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Toyota FT 86 II Concept

With a long, low hood, raised fenders and a rear-mounted cockpit – a silhouette that pays tribute to Toyota’s illustrious sports cars – the vitality of the FT-86 II concept’s lines is a clearer preview than ever of the definitive…

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Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe

In creating the Phantom Drophead Coupe, Rolls Royce drew his inspiration from the classic J-Class in racing in the 1930s. They are the fastest yachts of their time, purebred vessels with a spectacular combination of adaptability and physical health. Thanks…

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Rolls Royce Ghost

The Ghost is the essence of Rolls-Royce in all its simplicity and purity. Every centimetre offers the power of simplicity. You’ll find all the classic Rolls-Royce proportions: the 2/1 ratio of wheel height to cabin height, its long wheelbase and…

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Infinity M cars

The Infiniti M is equipped with cutting-edge technology that sees, thinks and anticipates as you drive, from touch-screen navigation with 3D maps and plans, Michelin guides and smart routes, to dynamic safety shield devices, including blind spot monitoring and response,…

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Mercedes Class S cars

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been the symbol of the luxury sedan. With each new generation, its immediately recognizable appearance has set new standards in terms of automotive design and equipment richness. Its expressive bow, its clean lines and refined…

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