The Ghost is the essence of Rolls-Royce in all its simplicity and purity. Every centimetre offers the power of simplicity. You'll find all the classic Rolls-Royce proportions: the 2/1 ratio of wheel height to cabin height, its long wheelbase and hood, the short overhang at the front and long at the rear. According to Andreas Thurner, head of the Ghost's exterior design: "...she looks natural, un-styled. » Its powerful presence leaves no doubt that it is made in the same mould as the rest of the brand, and that was exactly our objective. » "Nothing should interfere with the pleasure of driving a Ghost and nothing," says Helmut Riedl, Director of Engineering. It's a simple pleasure, offering you seemingly infinite power when you press the throttle. The V12 engine remains silent even under acceleration, Ghost passengers will only notice that the landscape is moving faster. Designed to adhere to the road at all times, the driver and passengers will be able to enjoy a more dynamic driving experience as well as the famous Rolls-Royce "flying carpet" feel. It's a real Rolls-Royce experience, from the driver's seat that offers you a position of authority on the street; you'll enjoy a dominant view of the satin silver hood and its flying Woman, the road in front of you.