The starting price for renting a vehicle normally includes a basic insurance for theft or collisions. The franchises that are usually associated in the event of an incident can range between five hundred and one thousand euros. With this data, you have to consider the provision of insurance extension with respect to the initial price with the simple purpose of covering this franchise. When you go to pick up the vehicle, you will be offered improved theft and collision insurance and a comprehensive insurance or possible personal injury. You can visit and learn more about car rental.

Requirements for renting a car

In order to rent a vehicle you need to have a credit card, there is no need for a debit card, as any additional costs to those initially contracted that may arise, will be charged in this way. Also any other type of expense for the repair of the vehicle or possible fines on the car itself. In order to rent a car you need to be at least 21 years old and between 21 and 24 years old you could be charged an additional surcharge. - Can there be a second driver? If you foresee that during the journey a second or third driver will have to make use of the vehicle, you must record in advance by indicating their name and license number, in addition to paying a surcharge with respect to the original price. - Is it possible to cancel a reservation? As a general rule, it is possible to cancel a reservation without any charge if you do so up to 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Collection of the rental car

It is usual to pick up the vehicle at city centre offices, railway stations and, of course, at airports. If they do not have the exact car you have reserved, they will offer you another model of the same size and category and if this is not possible, they will give you one of a higher range or with better equipment but respecting the agreed price. Don't forget to check the vehicle and its condition. Make sure it is free of damage, scratches or knocks. If it does, you should report it immediately so that they do not attribute the damage to you and demand compensation. Take photos before removing the rental vehicle if necessary and attach them to the contract at the time of signing.

Handing over the rental car: petrol tank

As a general rule, the vehicle is given to you with a full tank and you must return it in the same conditions. It is worth completing the deposit before handing it over in order to avoid being charged an estimated amount which, surely, will exceed what you would spend on filling it. If your problem is that you don't have enough time to go to a petrol station and fill it up, they will offer to pay 85% of the deposit and with that you will save time and you will avoid, for example, the worry of arriving late to take a flight. However, it is good that you arrive at the airport in advance to avoid missing your flight. It is recommended that you arrive one hour earlier than recommended, as delivery formalities may take longer than initially foreseen in the vehicle inspection. If you plan to deliver the car to a city other than the one where you picked it up, pay attention to the supplements that you will have to pay and that can make this service significantly more expensive. Another way to avoid additional charges is to return the vehicle on the day and time initially stipulated, which is not dirty and not exceed the mileage established in the contract signed. Take these tips into account before renting a car.