Renting a car is very simple nowadays. In fact, it may only take a couple of minutes to make a reservation. If you take into account all the factors reviewed above, you will be able to rent a vehicle that is adapted to your needs and without going over your maximum budget. Visit for further more information about car hire. The price of the rental vehicle is calculated taking into account all these factors and the number of days you will have it at your disposal. This may work in your favour, as the price will decrease if you increase the rental days. To be able to rent a car correctly, you must stipulate who is going to drive it, what supplements or extras you are going to need, what type of vehicle is most appropriate, what type of fuel policy suits you best and what are all the conditions of the rental company such as delivery, collection, schedules, insurance, etc.. Before signing the contract, read each of the conditions and terms of the contract in detail. Also, check the vehicle before leaving the office. Check its condition, as this is very important if you have not taken out a fully comprehensive insurance. The important thing is that if you take a vehicle with some damage and the company does not know until you return with the vehicle, any damage will be your responsibility, even if you had received the vehicle in that state. You should also pay attention to the conditions of the car insurance. It is just as important, if not more so, that if the car were your property, as everything that happens while it is under your control will be your responsibility. In this article we have told you all the most important aspects that you should not overlook if you want to rent a car. If you take the above factors into account, you will avoid a scare in the final bill. Remember also that Internet comparators can help you to find the best price in the market for a car rental on holiday and with the best conditions. Finally, the best advice you can get is to carefully read the fine print of the contract you sign with the company that will rent you the car you need. This way you will be able to evaluate if it is a good option or if it is preferable to opt for another company.

How many kilometres can you travel with the rented vehicle?

In the same way that every car rental company has a fuel policy, they also have a fuel policy about the limit of kilometres you will be able to cover with the vehicle you have rented. The usual thing when renting a car with a specialized company is that they don't put any type of restriction at the time of doing kilometres with the vehicle. In other words, you are not going to have a maximum number of kilometres to cover. However, there are also other companies with which you will only be able to cover a limited number of kilometres. This, if you do the calculations correctly, can mean savings. With this we want to tell you that, if you are not going to make a particularly long journey, it may be useful for you to choose the limited mileage option. But be very careful, if you exceed the established limit, the cost that you will have to pay when delivering it will be very high.