In this article I will explain in detail how to rent a car in England. If you search in Google "cheap UK car rental" will appear thousands of car rental sites, and probably you will not know which one to stay with. If you are in London and you are interested in renting a car, you can visit for further more information. Here you can find some few tips that would help you have a better idea about how to rent a car in England.

Tips for renting a car in UK

Driving licence: Your European driving licence is fully valid for renting a car in England. In case you don't have it you will need an international driver's license. Most rental companies will ask you to have more than one or two years on your driving licence.

Is it safe to rent a car in England?

Perhaps when you arrived in England you didn't think that you would want to rent a car, and have the experience of driving on the opposite side, but now that you have your routine either because of your studies or your job you want to start knowing places in the country where you will live for a while. We totally recommend it to you since it gives you a flexibility of schedules, that you do not get when you go by bus or even train, this last one better not to compare it as far as the price since they are not very economic.

Before picking up the car

Look carefully around the car and see if there are any defects or scratches. If you find them, take pictures and discuss them in the office, before leaving the office with the car. This way you will avoid problems when you return it.

What papers do you need to rent a car in England?

If you are travelling through London or any other English city you will only need your flight out of the country to be able to rent the car. If you are already living in the UK, you must present an invoice that shows your name and address, or the contract you made in the house, apartment or room where you are living, which is what we present. In both cases you will also have to bring:
  • Your driver's license and DNI
  • Your credit card with which you will pay the deposit and the cost of the corresponding rent.
These are the steps we take when renting a car, we have never had a problem with the issue of return or any other issue.

How do I book and rent the car?

The reservation is made online and you only have to put your name, surname and your phone number, clarifying the type of car you prefer that later we will show you the models. Prices depend on whether it is weekdays or weekends depending on the type of car you choose. The deposit is 200 Pounds which will be returned to you in two or three days maximum. There is a weekend offer that gives you the option of renting it from Friday and delivering it on Monday or taking it with you on Saturday and delivering it on Monday and it is cheaper per day.