When it comes to a tourist trip in Spain or any other country, if you rent a car you will be able to move more freely once you have reached your destination. You will not depend on public transport and you will be able to visit more hidden corners. Visit https://www.drivy.co.uk for more about car hire in Spain. When you make the decision to rent a car to go on holiday, you have to consider a number of things to avoid uncomfortable surprises. You need to be sure of what the insurance covers, who will be able to drive the rented vehicle, what can happen if you drive on unpaved roads, and so on. That's why in this article we present you with the tips you should take into account when renting a vehicle.

Tips for renting a car

The offers of car rental companies are very extensive. In addition, availability and prices may differ depending on the town or country where you want to rent. That's why it's best to invest some time before choosing an option. - Which car to rent? As a general rule, the models of cars offered for rent are usually the most common in the country or city you want to visit. So it may happen that if you decide to rent a car on a visit to another country, you have to choose brands and models that you do not know. This is not really important, because when renting a vehicle you have to hire a model with characteristics and a size to suit your needs. - Book a rental car online This point is very important, especially if you intend to travel in the high season of tourism. In this way you will be able to calmly analyse the wide range of options available so that you can choose the vehicle you need, with the most appropriate space for both passengers and suitcases, and even find specific offers to ensure that when you arrive at your destination you will have the car reserved and ready to use. If you decide to wait and rent it in an office when you arrive at your destination, you will find that the price will be higher. On the other hand, you'll have to settle for the vehicles they have left, if any. - Can you drive a rental car through several countries? If the destination you choose for your holidays is a strategic enclave from which you can visit other territories, you will probably want to do so in your rental car. Therefore, you will need to make sure in advance that it will be possible. Most companies won't give you any problems, but you will have the obligation to return the vehicle in the same country that you have contracted. Some companies have no problem if you leave the vehicle in another country, but they will charge you a surcharge that will not be insignficante.

Car rental prices and conditions

The prices of rental vehicles vary depending on the country you want to visit, the rental company and the type of vehicle selected. As a general rule, payment for the vehicle is made with a credit card, but the charge is not effective until the moment the car is collected. Please note that there are companies that offer an improved price with a significant discount when paying the amount via online payment. In these cases, when you pick up the vehicle you only need to pay the supplements you want, such as an excess or a second driver. The equipment of a rental car is usually basic, so it is important to check that the vehicle has, for example, air conditioning in summer.