There is very little time left for the summer season and with it the desires for holidays. One of the options we like the most is to visit new places. There are so many places to visit, to get to know and discover that the idea of repeating destinations seduces less and less.

Cheap car rental abroad

There are many low cost options to travel, and each time these options give us the possibility to do it with more quality and comfort. It is no longer necessary to take our car and spend an entire day travelling. Now, thanks to the low-cost airlines and cheap car rental companies, moving comfortably abroad is a reality. Visit for further more information about cheap car rental. But what happens when we want to know more than one country on our holidays? Is it possible to rent a car and move between countries? The answer is yes, but in all cases, it is possible but usually has a surcharge. It depends on the pick-up point of the vehicle and also on the company. In order not to go crazy looking for company by company, the best thing is that you choose a car rental search engine and check the terms and conditions in the section of border trips or something similar (each company calls it in a way).

Booking a car

It is also usually possible to book a car on one island and move it to another. But just like the previous case, it is important to check in terms and conditions to have it all tied up and not to fine or have to pay a penalty. Normally if you deliver and return at the same point sometimes there is nothing to pay or it is very small, the fee increases or directly is not possible when you want to pick up a car on an island and return it on another island, and especially when it is returned in another country. And if it is possible, the price goes up a lot. The important thing is to always be informed in order to avoid that your vacations leave you more than your budget destined to them and above all, to enjoy them.