The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been the symbol of the luxury sedan. With each new generation, its immediately recognizable appearance has set new standards in terms of automotive design and equipment richness. Its expressive bow, its clean lines and refined contours are marked by majesty and generosity. In addition, the S-Class combines maximum comfort, future-oriented technology and a wide range of safety functions. Recognizable among thousands, the design of the S-Class combines luxury, elegance and sovereignty in a pure state. The expressive bow, the very pronounced lateral line and the muscular rear section show perfect homogeneity. They are the ultimate embodiment of exclusivity on four wheels. The innovative LED technology offered for daytime running lights, turn signals and position lights (optional, standard on the S 400 HYBRID, V8 and V12 motorisation) underlines the modernity of its face, especially at night. A wide choice of light-alloy wheels available in different finishes, sizes and variants enhances the elegance of the S-Class by adding a personal touch.

Future Mercedes-Benz models 2019-2020

Does the endless expansion of vehicle ranges translate into a steady increase in sales? Not if you're Audi, or now, Mercedes-Benz too. The brand is barely in trouble, but things have not gone as well as they could have been in recent times, with several profit warnings and slightly disappointing first-half global deliveries recently announced. Can the next wave of passenger cars remedy some of the company's current ills? China is a source of deep pain for many car manufacturers at the moment, but Daimler is not one of them. A new sales record for Mercedes-Benz was set in the first six months, with the same thing in France and Spain, as well as in several other smaller markets. Nevertheless, declines were such in many countries that deliveries fell by 4.6% in the first half of the year to 1,134,729 cars, compared with a decline of -3.7% in June (to 196,230 vehicles).

The cars that are most popular

There are no new passenger cars coming, but there is a lot of news on the SUV front. However, next year will be stronger for car launches, with the arrival of a new S-Class and a facelift for the E-Class. Although not a high-volume model, the new, larger CLA Class is expected to strengthen the brand's presence in the global D segment with the addition of the Break shooting from September. For future Mercedes models, the entry point to the Mercedes range is the C segment, where the 4,419 mm long five-door Class A sedan challenges the Volkswagen Golf. The fourth generation W177 model went into series production at Rastatt in April 2018. The German plant is located 90 km west of Daimler's headquarters in Stuttgart. This follows a first at an event in Amsterdam in February 2018 and a public premiere at the Geneva Motor Show a month later. The W177 model uses an evolution of the MFA architecture of the third generation model.