From 2012, the smart fortwo electric drive will be produced as a separate model in the smart range and normally marketed through the smart distribution network. The smart fortwo electric drive has been produced since November 2009 at the French factory in Hambach, Lorraine. It features an advanced 30 kW electric motor that provides direct and immediate response, and a 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery manufactured by Tesla Motors Inc. The battery charge allows you to travel up to 135 kilometres. Lithium-ion technology is characterized by its decisive advantages in terms of reduced charging time, longer service life and extreme reliability. In addition, the smart fortwo electric drive can be charged from a standard household socket. In addition, the interior space, like the trunk volume, remains unchanged on the smart fortwo electric compared to a combustion engine version. Respect for the environment and urban functionality in the spirit of the times have been in the smart fortwo's genes since its launch more than ten years ago. Its unique concept, combining innovative technology, eco-compatibility and individual mobility, has definitely established itself in the urban automotive landscape. Just over two metres long, this extremely compact and economical car demonstrates that mobility and environmental responsibility can be harmoniously combined in the comfort and safety of its occupants.

The manufacturer sold 5,662 electric cars in Europe in 2017

However, Smart will have to face a real challenge. While the city car manufacturer sold 93,292 combustion models in Europe in 2017, it sold only 5,662 electric cars. The Daimler Group's first mission will therefore be to increase the production capacity of its electric models. In addition, new features will have to be added to its vehicles. Launched in 2012, the Fortwo and Forfour "Electric Drive" cars have undergone almost no modifications. However, the manufacturer has planned everything. Dieter Zetsche explained that the group will launch at least one electric car on each segment by 2022.