As soon as you approach a BMW M6 507 hp SMG7, it will certainly seduce you. The tightly designed front, with its low-profile shield and wide air intakes, expresses unrestrained power. On the profile side, the M design is characterised by the perfectly aerodynamic design of the M mirrors, very muscular under-body panels and sporty side vents with indicator indicator and M blazon. The muscular rear end features a quadruple exhaust outlet and a hexagonal diffuser that highlight the vehicle's wide track. The roof of the M6 507 hp SMG7 consists of several layers of carbon (CFK). This element made of ultra-light high-tech material underlines the singular elegance of this Grand Touring coupé. In addition, pressed carbon has the advantage of being considerably lighter than traditional steel. The reduced weight of the roof lowers the centre of gravity of the M6 507 hp SMG7 and therefore increases its driving dynamics. In practice, it means taking corners at an even higher speed and incredibly precise handling. The BMW M6 is the most powerful model in the current 6-series of the Bavarian car manufacturer. With its incredible 507 hp, the BMW M6 reaches a top speed of 250 km / h. (electronically limited). For an additional fee of about 2300 euros, you can increase the speed of the M6 to 305 km/hour. The BMW M6 has one to seven SMG transmissions. In addition, this car engine with ten cylinders and a displacement of 4999 cc. The BMW M6 can be optimally adapted to all driving conditions. Provides not only variable transmissions, but also the effective-off tower or limited stability control, which is standard on the BMW M6. Four exhaust pipes support the sporty character of the car, which is clearly visible. The coupe's four comfortable leather seats will be covered by a bright carbon roof. The M6 is very lightweight. And also the emergency equipment of the BMW vehicle: six airbags, air conditioning, ESP, ABS, radio, and xenon lights are standard. Optional equipment includes cornering lights, navigation lights and other interesting features. The BMW M6 has a price: The upper class cut is up to date for a second-hand price from 116,200, and 123,200 for the convertible version.